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Convert YouTube to mp3 online. Download YouTube mp4.

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How to convert YouTube video to mp3 or mp4 online and download the file?

  • STEP 1: if you know artist name or video title - start typing it in, otherwise copy video URL and paste into white box
  • STEP 2: select a video from search results, hit the thumbnail to open YouTube mp3 converter, hit button to convert mp3
  • STEP 3: for video download, hit smaller button below, select whatever size and quality option you like, download mp4
  • YTMP34 is YouTube converter 2 in 1 →»»» MP3 + MP4

    How are you? Doing good? No matter how bad it was, now it'll be much better. Why? Because you have come to the best YouTube converter online. It is so much better than others for one simple reason: YtMp34 combines both YouTube mp3 converter and mp4 downloader in 1 easy to use website. Mp3 converter is the main direction where we're heading, but mp4 option is always available in case you want to download YouTube video file. Otherwise feel free to use our YouTube mp3 converter to download all the amazing music available online. You can copy and paste video URL into the box above and hit download button to start. Or you can use YouTube video search directly from here, just type in some keywords and our smart-suggest assistant will help you find whatever video you want (on YouTube). Sometimes though search won't work - then feel free to use video URL address, copy it from YouTube app or your browser, and bring it here to begin.

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    You can use search box above to find videos on YouTube without them tracking you. Try it out.

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    YtMp34 can help you download music from YouTube. Our awesome YouTube mp3 converter works great.

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    If you're trying to download YouTube to mp4 file, look for advanced video download options too.

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    Copy video playlist URL from YouTube and paste it above to download YouTube playlist to mp3 or mp4.

    Ytmp34 can help video download from 450 websites

    Whether you want to convert online video to mp3 or simply download mp4 file for offline access, think about YtMp34. Our mp3 converter can help you convert online videos to mp3 from a dozen sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And of course mp4 download is possible from all the mentioned sites along with close to 450 other video streaming and storing portals. While other sites give you download m3u8 file with text, Ytmp34 will do much better and turn m3u8 into a normal mp4 video file, give it a try. Such usual suspects as Dailymotion and Vimeo don't stand against our mp4 download sniffer, it scans their video pages and finds all possible m3u8 and mp4 download possibilities. Same goes for Facebook and Twitter, where our site offers top HD video quality not available on other sites due to their limited download options. Try Ytmp34 for your next naughty video download and you will be surprised how easy it is to save adult video mp4 for offline times later at night.. In two words - try YtMp34

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    It is easy to forget these days the websites you visited last night, and sometimes it is hard to recall their names, while visiting dozens of similar sites every day. And so we've come up with a way for you to remember about YtMp34 always and forever: the free web-based app that installs in 2 clicks and delivers all the features this website does. Simply click on the button above, install the app and use it as much as you would this website - it's free and unlimited. It will never ask to update, it is light and occupies next to zero space on your device, it will not bother with annoying ads or stuff like that. Check it out, it works great in Chrome and Opera browsers on Android and Windows based devices and computers.

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    This only works for laptops and desktops. Drag and drop this button to your browser bookmarks bar, and save it there. Then to see how it works, open any video on YouTube or any other website supported on YtMp34. Make sure it's 1 video on the page, or it's a video playlist page. Then hit this button from your bookmarks. It will then get to work: new browser tab will open and you will be sent here to YtMp34, and video URL address will arrive along with you on its own, thanks to the bookmarklet's enchanced functionality. You will also notice that video info is loading on its own and all you're left with is mp3 converter or mp4 download decision. No copy-paste required while using this button.